Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Thursday Thought: Diggy Straps? Introducing The 'Prefold Shoulder'!

by Tami Grosset

Have you ever felt that your basic ruck with a woven wrap is a bit diggy in the shoulders? Chances are you can make it more comfy by just folding a prefold into the shoulders to create a cushy carry for even the heaviest child!

I used a Natibaby Milky Way hemp blend, size 5,

a prefold for each shoulder, folded into 1/3s

and a 6 1/2 year old child, weighing about 50lbs!

Once I had him on my back, with the seat sorted and the tails over my shoulder I sandwiched the shoulders, as I always do. Then taking one folded prefold I tucked the length of it along the shoulder of the wrap and pinned it between my legs. I only did this for the one shoulder since I was doing this for demonstration purposes and my lovely son really wanted to watch his TV show. He wasn't prepared to be involved for much longer than necessary!!

Here is how we looked. Can you tell which shoulder is prefold cushed?!

This is the prefold shoulder

and here is the regular one. I think the prefold stuffed shoulder looks pretty tidy and not too much like I've got a diaper on my shoulder!

Both were bearable but the prefold shoulder was much comfier and pretty cushy! With both shoulders stuffed we could have continued for a long time I think..... if it weren't for his TV show!!

So, no need to trade in your beloved diggy wrap. Just get a couple of prefolds and stuff 'em!!


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