Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Woven Wrap Width Project

by Aline Kelly
We're starting a new project here at the OBG - The Woven Wrap Width Project. 

Width - or the distance between the top and bottom rails of a wrap - is a measurement that is often left out. It's not mentioned by manufacturers, it's not listed in most wrap databases, and asking about it in groups will get you vague and anecdotal answers at best. However, when someone is trying to wrap a tall toddler from seat to neck, these measurements are crucial. Or wrapping a newborn with a too-wide wrap - no one wants to swim in fabric. We hope that this project will give people a sense of how various wraps measure, and hopefully get a sense of which brands are narrowest and widest. The spreadsheet can be arranged by column, so anyone can do their own personal rearrangement to see the results by brand, width, etc. 

We encourage everyone to measure their own wraps and share their results! The more measurements, the better the database will be. 

Log your wrap widths using this form: Results spreadsheet:

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