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COTW #10- All About Ring Slings

By Aline Kelly
Photo by Jenna Sparks Bradbury

Ring slings are a versatile carrier that can be used from birth through toddlerhood. They are appreciated for quick ups and downs and can be used in a large variety of positions on the wearer's body. You can be creative - many, many carries can be accomplished with a ring sling, simply by using the rings to fasten instead of a knot or other finish. This COTW will be a comprehensive look into the world of this carrier!

Success with a ring sling can often be pared down to two main factors:
1. Getting a good deep seat, so baby is seated in a secure pocket. Knees higher than bum is important. 
2. Tightening the rails effectively so that baby is perfectly secured by the sling and you can be hands free.

A reminder of the TICKS babywearing safety guidelines. Many of the issues that people have when learning to use their ring sling can be boiled down to these points.
Tight: Baby should be snuggled right up against you. If you can press on baby's back and they can move in closer, you should snug up your rails. 
In view: Fabric should never obscure baby's face. 
Close enough to kiss: You should be able to tilt your head forward and kiss your baby's head. If they're too low, lift them up higher and re-tighten your sling. 
Keep chin off chest: Ensure baby's airway is clear and they are not slumped in a way that would compromise their airway. You should be able to fit a finger or two between their chin and chest. 
Supported back: Baby's body should be well-supported by the sling and not sagging in any way. 

General overview, shoulder types, threading your ring sling, photo demonstration

Getting a quality seat in a ring sling:

How to tuck your tail into your rings:

Front/hip carries
Hip and Front carries, including how to effectively tighten your rails so they don't get stuck in the rings (really fantastic tips - I recommend this video very highly!): 
(Nicola WYSL)

Hip carry:

Rings on back - this option keeps the rings away from baby's face. 
(PaxBaby) - Comprehensive rings on back demo with a toddler- includes front/hip, nursing, and back carries. 

Newborn carrying
(Paxbaby) - the definitive video of wearing a newborn in a ring sling. Rings on back, multiple positions, nursing, creating a neck roll with your tail. 

(BabywearingFaith) - Putting a newborn in a ring sling without putting them down.

(Paxbaby) - Newborn high-shoulder burp hold with a ring sling.

Back carries:
Basic back carry:
Rucksack carry with a ring sling:
(quick, russian, silent)
(PaxBaby) - Baby barfs in Jillian's hair midway through.

(weecarry) - Ruck with rings at corsage position instead of under bum.

Double Hammock rebozo with a ring sling
(Brianna Borntobeworn)

Torso carry with a ring sling:
(Amberlea Parker)

Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack (RRRR) with a ring sling:
(Allison Wonderland)

* Any shorty back carry can realistically be done with a ring sling, provided that it is long enough. These are just a few examples! *  

Miscellaneous other ring sling skills:
Nursing in a ring sling:

No-sew ring sling:(WrappingRachel)

Wearing one baby with two slings: (PaxBaby)

Using a ring sling while pregnant, including how to support your baby belly with a sling:

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