Sunday, 6 April 2014

COTW #50- Charlie's Cross Carry

by Aline Kelly

Charlie's Cross Carry (CCC) is a new carry in the babywearing world! It was developed by a mama named Amanda Chaney whose daughter Charlie is a kicker, leaner, and seat-popper, and has gained steady popularity online since its invention in Fall 2013. This  multi-layer carry is very wiggleproof and requires a long woven wrap, usually at least a size 5, 6, or 7. 

General instructions:
- With your wrap centered, get baby onto your back and make a nice seat. 
- This carry starts with one tail over your shoulder, the opposite tail under baby's knee (cross pass).
- Pass the lower tail horizontally across your abdomen, keeping it bunched. 
- Bring it under your opposite arm, under baby's knee, spread it across baby's back and bum, and bring it over the opposite shoulder, creating a second cross pass. Pin this tail to keep it secure while you work with the other side. 
- Using the opposite tail, shift it down so it now comes under your arm (You can have it under your arm the whole time, but it's harder to keep secure while wrapping the first side). 
- Pass this tail horizontally across your chest. You can either keep it bunched, or spread it as you would in a double hammock. 
- Bring the tail under your arm, OVER baby's knee, spread it across his back and bum, and bring it up over the opposite shoulder (rebozo pass).  
- Take one tail down and tuck it under your waist pass. Bring the other tail to meet it and tie a knot. 

(WrapYourBaby). This is the ultimate internet resource for this carry right now. It contains a more extensive history, many videos with alternate finishes, and step-by-step photo instructions. 

Video instructions:

Finishing variations:
(Amanda Chaney) - Double Ring finish

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