Sunday, 15 September 2013

COTW #33 - Christina's Ruckless Back Carry

by Aline Kelly

Christina's Ruckless Back Carry is a multi-layer carry tied with a longer woven wrap, usually around a size 5 or 6. As the name suggests, it doesn't have classic ruck straps - it ties with a nice chest belt that looks attractive and helps redistribute weight off the shoulders. This carry also has passes under both of baby's knees which makes it good for kickers and leg-straighteners. 

Origin of this carry and photo instructions by Christina (login required): 

General Instructions:
- Get baby on your back using your preferred method and create a good deep seat from knee to knee.
- One tail of the wrap comes over your shoulder, the other tail comes under your arm.
- While pinning the vertical tail between your knees to keep tension, pass the other tail across your chest, keeping it bunched, making sure it passes OVER the hanging tail. 
- Bring the working tail under your arm, spread it across baby's back and bum, and tuck it under baby's opposite leg.
- Secure this tail between your knees.
- Taking the hanging tail, flip it over the opposite shoulder from where it started (the "wrong" side of the wrap will now be facing out), spread it across baby's back and bum, and tuck it under his opposite leg. 
- Tie in front with a double knot.
- Spread passes over shoulders and chest as desired.

Video instructions:

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