Sunday, 29 September 2013

COTW #35- Wendy's Double Hammock

by Aline Kelly

Wendy's Double Hammock is a great hybrid back carry - in terms of passes it is similar to Christina's Ruckless Back Carry, but it has a spread chest pass like a Double Hammock, has ruck straps, and finishes at shoulder. This carry can be tied with a size 4 or 5 woven wrap, generally a size down from what you would use to tie a normal Double Hammock. 

General instructions:
- This carry starts off-center. Drape your wrap over your shoulder so that it hangs to around your waist or your hip. Where the wrap crosses your back is where you will center baby. 
- Get baby on your back using your preferred method and create a deep seat from knee to knee. The first tail will stay over your shoulder and the second tail will come under the opposite arm. 
- Taking the tail coming under your arm, spread it wide across your chest, bring it under the opposite arm, spread it across baby's back and bum, and tuck it under baby's opposite knee. 
- Continuing with this same tail - flip it up and over your same shoulder, spread it across baby's back and bum, and bring it under baby's opposite knee. 
- Tie at shoulder, tie a candy cane chest belt, or do a knotless finish (video instructions below). 

Origin of the carry and photo instructions (login required):

Video Instructions: (BabywearingFaith) - Alternate finishes

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