Sunday, 3 November 2013

COTW #40 - Newborn Burp Carry

by Aline Kelly

The Newborn Burp Carry is a snuggly carry for smaller babies where they are wrapped up high on your shoulder, in the position you would normally use to burp them. It can feel safe and secure for a little one, allow them to see more things, rest their head comfortably on mama's shoulder, and some say it can be relieving for conditions such as reflux. This carry can be done in many different ways, the easiest being with either a woven wrap or with a ring sling. The following instructions include two examples of how to do it, but any method that keeps baby up there happily and securely can be used. 

General Instructions:
Woven wrap (Front Cross Carry):
- Position your baby high up on your shoulder in a burp position.
- Always keeping a hand securely on baby, position the middle marker of your wrap on the middle of your back. 
- Bring one side of your wrap up and across your baby, and over your opposite shoulder. 
- Make a nice seat for your baby, either with legs out or tucked in. If you're keeping legs tucked, make sure the baby's weight is on their bum, not their feet. 
- Take that same tail again, cross it diagonally across your back, under the opposite arm, and hold it securely under baby's bum while you work with the other side. 
- Repeat on the other side - bring the tail up and across baby, over your opposite shoulder, diagonally across your back, and back under baby's bum. 
- Tie a double knot under bum. If you have extra fabric you can continue and tie behind your back. 
- Adjust the wrap as required, making sure baby is supported up to their neck and that your passes are spread nicely across your back and shoulders. 

Ring Sling:
- Position baby high up on your shoulder. 
- Holding baby securely, bring your ring sling over your head and over baby, with the rings situated on your back
- Create a nice deep seat. 
- Tighten your ring sling rail by rail, strand by strand, until baby is securely fastened to your shoulder and fully supported. 
- See video for more instructions and demo for rings on back! 

Video Instructions: (WrapYourBaby) - Front Cross Carry in a burp position

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