Sunday, 10 November 2013

COTW #41 - Ellevill Jordan's Back Carry

by Aline Kelly

Ellevill Jordan's Back Carry (EJBC) - not to be confused with the similarly-named Jordan's Back Carry (JBC) - is a symmetrical, wiggleproof, and reinforced back carry tied with a mid-length woven wrap, usually a size 4, 5, or 6. The carry is featured on the Ellevill woven wraps official site as the "Jordan" carry. It has a unique feature that no other carry has, making it easily identifiable - a waist pass. 
General instructions:
- With the wrap centered, get baby onto your back and create a nice seat. One tail comes over your shoulder, the other comes under your opposite arm. 
- Take the tail coming over your shoulder and pin it securely between your knees. 
- Taking the tail coming under your arm, reach back and readjust this tail so that it comes under baby's leg. 
- Keeping it bunched, bring this tail across your waist, under your opposite arm, and under baby's opposite leg. 
- Spread this tail up and across baby's back and bum, and bring it over your opposite shoulder. Pin this tail between your knees.
- Taking the other tail, create a horizontal pass - bring it under your arm, spread it across baby's back and bum, and under the opposite arm (staying OVER both knees).
- Tie at shoulder, tie a candy cane  chest belt, or do a knotless finish.

Photo instructions:

Video instructions: (SheffieldSlings) - silent demo except for funny chatty British toddler

Chestbelt variations: 

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