Sunday, 5 May 2013

COTW #14- Carrier Storage

by Aline Kelly

This week is ultimately just an excuse to post stash shots and see each others collections. So share! And don't forget to tell us what everything is.


And while we're celebrating collections, here is information, options, and ideas for storing your carriers.

(Photos of all of these options are posted in this week's album)

Storing woven wraps

Braiding is an attractive and compact way to store your wraps, with the added benefit that it helps to break them in. Once they're braided you can hang them, shelve them, or do whatever else your heart desires. (The only note regarding braiding to be cautious braiding wool, as too much can cause felting).

How to braid a woven wrap:

How to fold a woven wrap:

Fold your wrap to its desired width and roll it up.

This can be done with braided or loose wraps. You can hang or tie your wraps from hooks, closet rods, bannisters, anywhere that works.

You can also employ a sling ring to loop your wrap around if your hooks are the type that might snag.

Fold your wrap in half, hold the loop with one hand, and twist the fabric with the other hand until the fabric twist in on itself. This is good for softening your wrap, too.

Storing Ring Slings- Folding, rolling, or hanging as previously described with woven wraps
- Use shower curtain hooks in the closet - fit the hooks onto the rod, then loop the rings onto the hooks.
- If your closet rod is easily detachable and re-attachable, string the rings directly onto the rod.

Storings Soft Structured Carriers and Mei Tais
A very compact way to store these carriers is to roll them up and clip the waist buckle around the roll.
- Roll + clip (photos):
- Roll and clip video - from 0:50-1:15:

Other options for SSCs and MTs:
- Hang the carrier on a regular coat hanger in the closet
- Assign them their own cubby or shelf - quick solution, just shove them in their designated space and they're out of the way.

Long-term storage and preservation of carriers - for legacy wraps, etc.

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