Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Wrap Your Baby Competition!

by Tami Grosset

Wrap Your Baby has been a favourite website of mine since before I first started wrapping so imagine my excitement when I heard on the Facebook grapevine, that Wrap Your Baby were running a competition to win a Natibaby Plum Trees woven wrap!!!

The competition started on Wednesday and since then I've been a cat on a hot tin roof!! Winning this wrap would mean the world to our group. We are about to launch our free sling library. All our carriers have so far been donated by members or local businesses (and we'd love to receive more if you have a carrier to donate!) but currently we have no funds to buy any carriers that are harder to find or from the higher end of the market. This wrap could be the jewel in our collection, quite literally!

If you are on Facebook we urge you to vote for us!

Please click on this link;

It should take you to the competition thread on Wrap Your Baby's page. Find my comment (Tami Grosset) about the Ottawa Babywearing Group accompanied by a link to this group, and 'like' what I've said. The group with the most 'likes' will be the group that wins this most beautiful wrap.

Who knows! One day you could be borrowing it from us to wrap your baby!


This evening the competition closed and we did not win the wrap. The Treasure Coast Babywearing Group (numbering 729 members) won with 647 votes. We came in second place with 595 votes.

This is NOT a loss though! When we started the competition the OBG numbered only approximately 565 members. Over the course of the competition we gained over 40 members which now puts the group at 605 members! This is an amazing upside of this competition that we never considered would happen!

We have also developed links with other babywearing groups across Canada and internationally too. This is great for our members who may travel to these places in the future. Its also great that we are connected now to a world of passionate babywearers!

The final win for the OBG, from this competition is a hint of a second place prize from Wrap Your Baby. It seems that they might be rather impressed with the number of votes we won for a relatively small group and might reward us with a small gift. We're still waiting to hear what that might be and will keep you posted!

Many thanks to any and all who voted for the Ottawa Babywearing Group in this competition. Many thanks to Wrap Your Baby ( for giving us the opportunity. But most importantly well done to the babywearers of Treasure Coast FL for their hard work and passion throughout this competition. The beauty wrap is well won!

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