Sunday, 19 May 2013

COTW #16- Sling Rings And Their Uses

by Aline Kelly

A few weeks ago a large group order was organised to buy some sling rings from Here's a few ideas of what you can do with your rings.
If you're still looking for rings they can be found inexpensively at or

Sling rings on their own (ie not as a built-in part of a sling) can be used for many fun things besides than the standard no-sew ring sling. Rings can be used to make up for a lack of fabric length, create support, redistribute weight, and make adjustments to standard carries. Front, back, and hip carries can all be amended to use rings in lieu of knots, crosses, or finishes. Ring finishes can add adjustability to a standard finish when a bit of variability may be required. Almost any carry can be modified in a way where rings can be used - this list is a nice jumping-off point!

Front Carries:
Kangaroo with rings at shoulder:

Kangaroo with a shorty wrap and ring on back:

Front wrap cross carry (FWCC) with sling rings at shoulder: 

Front Wrap Cross Carry with Rings at shoulder & Secure high back carry with rings at waist (photos of finished carries only, no instructions. Inspiration?): 

Back carries:
Regular ruck with ring at chest: 

Xena's Ruckless RAC (Ring Around Cleavage) Carry:

Video for regular DH rebozo:

Christina's ruckless back carry with a sling ring:

Mei Tai back carry with a ring at chest: 

Hip Carries:
Coolest Hip Cross Carry (CHCC) with sling rings:

Robins hip carry with sling rings:

Hip carry with two rings and a long wrap:

Jasmine's tandem hip carry for twins: 

Choosing rings: 

No-sew ring sling: 

How to soften a wrap using sling rings:

Hanging wraps on sling rings:

This COTW is perfect for experimenting, so try stuff out. Have fun and post more links, ideas, photos, and videos!

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