Friday, 12 April 2013

Babywearing Lingo

By Julie Wormsley
Photo by Jenna Sparks Bradbury

If you are new to babywearing, or at least the forums which discuss babywearing, you may find the following list of abbreviations and slang useful to decipher what everyone else is talking about!

Hope this helps and doesn't further overwhelm. :)

Carrier Types: 

ABC - Asian Baby Carrier

GSW - German Style Woven Wrap

MT - Mei Tai (WCMT - Wrap Conversion Mei Tai)

Onbu - Onbuhimos

Pod - Podegai

R/S - Ringsling (WCRS - Wrap Conversion Ring Sling)

SPOC - Simple Piece Of Cloth
SSC - Soft Structured Carrier (HB/FB - Half buckle/Full Buckle)


 Carrier Brands:

AP - Angelpack

BB - Bara Barn

BB - Beco Butterfly

BB1 - Beco Butterfly I
BB2 (or BBII) - Beco Butterfly II
BBO - Ball Baby Overall
B'roo - Bamberoo
BH - Babyhawk
BHT - Baby Hemp Tai
BHXT - Babyhawk Extra Tall
DC - Dream Carrier
Didy - Didymos
E2E - Eye 2 Eye
ER - Ellaroo
FH - Freehand
Gira - Girasol
GMBBB - Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Breeze (now known as Wrapsody Breeze)
GMBBS - Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch (now known as Wrapsody Stretch)
Hopp - Hoppediz
KC - Kindercarry
KP - Kinderpack
KS- Kleinsmekker
LD - LovelyDuds
Nati - Natibaby
NB - Neobulle
NHT - Nurslings Hemp Tai
MTB – Mei Tai Baby
O&A - Olives & Applesauce
OB - OliviaBolivia
OMT - Octi Mei Tai
OS - Babyhawk Oh Snap
POC - Piece of Cloth
SB - Sakura Bloom
SBP - Sleeping Baby Productions
SW - Sleepywrap
SMT - Simply Mei Tai
Storch - Storchenwiege
TH – Toddlerhawk
UMC – Ultimate Man Carrier
Vat – Vatanai
MS - Mei Secret
WS – Wrapstar
WSMT – Wrapstar Mei Tai
WSWC – Wrapstar Wrap Conversion
Zara - Type of Ellevill woven wrap
ABC - Action Baby Carrier
SPRS - Sweet Pea Ring Slings


For Sale or Trade Boards:

BN - Brand New
BNIB - Brand New In Box
BNIP - Brand New In Package
BNWT - Brand New With Tags
BNWOT - Brand New Without Tags
ETF – Easy to Find
EUC - Excellent Used Condition
FFP - Free for Postage
FFS – Free for Shipping
FS - For Sale
FT - For Trade
FSOT - For Sale or Trade
GUC - Good Used Condition
HTF: Hard to Find
ISO: In Search Of
CISO/ICSO: In Casual Search Of
DISO/IDSO: In Desperate Search Of
IHA - I have already/available
NIP - New in Packet
OBO - or best offer
OOAK - One of a Kind
PP - Paypal
PPD - Postage Paid Domestic
TDF: To Die For
VGUC - Very Good Used Condition
WLTH - would like to have
LE – Limited Edition
Natty – Natural (undyed)
v.1 - the first release (usually more HTF/sought after)
v.2 - 2nd release
Grad- Gradation
Sub - Subscribing to a thread in order to get updates and notifications.
SuT = Stille und Tragen
MMAO - Make me an Offer
TBW - The Babywearer (forum)
NM - Natural Mamas (UK forum)


Individual Carriers:

AMF= Aquamarine Fish (linen)
AP Jim= Anthrazite/Puder Jim
ASW= Aqua silk waves (silk)
Aubbie waves= Aubergine waves
AW= Aqua waves
BF= Black fish
BLG= Black linen gekos (linen)
BSR= Blue silk Rhombus (silk)
B/W= Black/White OR Blue/White indio or ellipsen
CB= Cherry Blossoms (tussah silk)
CC = Carson's Cove (BBC Gira exclusive)
CGE = Colorgrown Ellipsen
CGI= Colorgrown indio
CGL=Colorgrown leaves
CGW= Colorgrown waves
CSE= Cashmere/Silk ellipsen (cashmere and silk)
CSF= Cashmere/Silk fish (cashmere and silk)
C/W= Cranberry/white indio
CWE= Chocolate wool ellipsen (wool)
DSF= Deep Sea fish
DW = Diamond Weave (A type of Girasol weave. Their other weave would be called a twill meave and there is no acronym.)
ER=earthy rainbow, a girasol with 2 versions of the weave, the “new” weave (by Kati) and the "newest” weave which is supposedly more supportive than the Kati weave
FF= Firefish
FMN= Forget-me-not
GF= Goldfish (linen)
HSW= Hellblau silk waves (silk)
HW= Holunder waves
JJ= Jim Jade, aka Thing 1 or Thing 2 (linen) as one has a single linen cross thread and the other has doubled linen cross thread
K/R indio - Kobalt/Rouge, sometimes known as C/R as in Cobalt (linen)
K/Z indio (or C/Z) Kobalt/Zimt, can be cotton or wool
LB= Light blue…can refer to an indio or the wool blend fish
Lemmie= an old-weave girasol done for the Triscuits Attachment Parenting Store and is gray and purple, aka TAPS Gira
LLL=La Leche League, a wrap with the LLL logo on it
L/R= Lila/Royal indio (linen)
LSE= Lavendar silk ellipsen (silk)
Mari= Marigold (linen)
Mr. O= a wrap made from osnaburg fabric
Mr. P.= Pamir
MSW= Mint silk waves (silk)
NSI= Natural silk indio (silk)
NSM= Natural silk milli (silk)
NWI= Natural wool indio (wool)
NO = Nightowls (linen)
PF= Petrol fish
P/H=Petrol/Honey (wool)
PSM= Pink silk milli (silk)
PSR= Pink silk rhombus (silk)
PSW= Pink silk waves (silk)
Rosa= Rosalind (linen
Rosie= Rosenholtz and Rosenquartz (linen) or (wool)
R/A= Ruby/Apricot (silk)
R/I= Ruby/Ivory (linen)
R/M= Ruby/Mandarine
R/W= Red/White indio or Pfau
RSV or RSB=Red Silk Vogels/Birds (silk)
RR - Girasol Double Rainbow
RWV= Red Wool Vogels (wool)
SBF= Steel blue fish (linen)
SB Jim=Steel Blue Jim
SF = Salmon Fish
S/H nino= Saffron/Honey nino (wool)
SI= Silk indio (silk)
S/R indio= sonne/rot indio
S/T indio= sonne/terra indio
SuT= Stillen und Tragen
TD= Turkish delight
Thing 1 - Jim Jade V1
Thing 2 - Jim Jade V2
TPF = Tussah Pink Fish
TSF= Tussah Silk Fische (tussah silk)
TSN= Tussah Silk Nino (tussah silk)
V/G nino= Violet/Gold nino
Vogels= any of the bird wraps; they come in blue, gold, red/gold and red cotton, also red silk & red wool
V/R nino= Viloet/Rose nino
VW= Violet waves
V/W= Violet/white
V/Z nino= Violet/Zyklam Nino
XR = Xela's Rainbow (BBC Gira exclusive)
Zinnie- Zinnober (wool
This blog (sourced by our wonderful Carolyn) goes further in explaining some of the more WW specific jargon-

If we've missed any jargon out please add it in the comments below!

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