Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Welcome to the Ottawa Babywearing Group

Welcome to our local community babywearing group for the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Most of our activities are currently on Facebook, where we were born last year, but we realise that not everyone is on Facebook so we've started this blog to enable non-Facebook users to share the babywearing love!

Please use a comment below to introduce yourselves!

Photograph by Jenna Sparks Bradbury


  1. My name is Tami and I started the OBG on Facebook last year. I have two children, Rory (5 1/2) and Rose (2) and have enjoyed wearing them both from birth. I have a good variety of carriers in my stash but my faves at the moment are my WCMT made from a Night Rainbow girasol by TMD and a WCRS made by me from a preloved Chimparoo wrap.

  2. My name is Véronique and I am an Admin of the Ottawa Babywearing Group on Facebook. I have 8 children aged 17 all the way down to toddler twins (boy-girl). I have babywearing pictures starting almost 20 years ago. I have used everything, from low-cost non-ergonomic carriers, to expensive non-ergonomic carriers, to structured backpacks, ring slings, stretchy wraps and ergonomic carriers. But I really fell in love with babywearing when I discovered woven wraps to tandem-wear my twins.