Sunday, 14 April 2013

COTW #11- Kangaroo Carry

By Aline Kelly
[Since there are two carries often referred to as "kangaroo", this document refers to the front carry done with a woven wrap, not the facing-out carry done in a ring sling.]

The Kangaroo is single-pass front carry with shoulder flips. It is a deceptively challenging carry for many wrappers because of the lack of a solid anchor point in the early parts of the wrapping process. It can be tricky and require patience and practice.

General overview, including video, photo instructions, and safety tips:

Basic Kangaroo: (WrappingRachel) (Faith) - in German but great visual instructions.

Toddler: (Wrap Your Baby)

Newborn: (Faith)

Reinforced Kangaroo: (SquishyMommy1) - reinforced part starts around 3:15

Kangaroo with a lexi twist in the back: (Keep calm and carry them)

Alternate/reinforced Tibetan-type finish: - recently invented by a mama on Babywearing Love and Support

Kangaroo carry with a shorty (size 2) and a pair of sling rings:

Kangaroo carry with a ring sling:
Same as regular Kangaroo, but wrapped with a ring sling and secured with rings under bum.

Hip Kangaroo: - demo is not knee-to-knee but your hip kangaroo will be.

Kangaroo carry tied in the car:

Kangaroo shifting to hip carry: - Summary: Tie kangaroo, shift baby to the side. Ta-da!

Share your tips, questions, pics, and videos!

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