Saturday, 13 April 2013

List of Conversion Companies

By Krystle Jay
Photo by Jenna Sparks Bradbury

A wrap conversion is a fabulous option. Generally the idea is that you send a woven wrap (usually a size 7 but sometimes a size 6 if a ring sling waist is the plan) to a conversion company. The company of choice use the wrap to create a mei tai or soft structured carrier, or something in between (usually referred to as a half buckle, where there is a waist buckle but the shoulder straps are like wraps and tie just like with a MT carrier).

Some conversion companies also offer a ring sling conversion where they will convert a woven wrap into a ring sling. Ring slings made from woven wraps are super supportive and comfy and are often very toddler worthy. Different companies offer different shoulder 'recipes'. Its worthwhile trying out slings with different shoulders before sending a wrap for conversion to a ring sling, to ensure that you will get the sling that will be most comfortable for you. The options for shoulders are pleated, eesti and/or gathered.

There are various members in the group with all sorts of WCMTs and WCRSs. If you are interested in trying out something before sending your precious wrap to be chopped up come to a meet!!

The following is from TBW, a great resource if you're looking for a conversion!

Beetlebums -
Belloborn Designs -
Hipababy -
Maddimoo -

Lakshmi Baby -
Lily&Lotus -
Little Green Wolf -
Metamorphosis -
Natural Mothers Production -

Anaira Creations -
Bamberoo -
Beanslings -
Blissful Squish -
Bloo Kangaroo - - a wrap may be used for the panel portion of a Kanga SSC
Chrysalis Designs -
Earthy Bliss (previously Boutique Bella Bambini) -
Dream Carrier -
Ehmio Designs -
ETLA Threadworks -
Freehand Podaegi -
Kanaluti -
Mother and Bebe -
Nuzzleme Creations -
Obimama -
Olives and Applesauce -
Two Momma Designs -
Zanytoes -

HuXling -
Kimimela -
Kittens Creations -
Monkey Mei Tai -
Ocah -
Opitai Baby -
Pouchlings -
Softai Baby -

Petite Panda (Czech) -
Babyzouks (Germany) -
Moseskinder (Germany) -
Beredilla (Norway) -
Go'Klompen (Norway) -
Tula (Poland) -
Madame GooGoo (Poland) -

Limited access conversions (via email)
BabyHawk - robyn at
Wrapstar non-US only - wrapstarbabycarriers at

Ring Sling Conversions



  1. Your list is soo out dated a lot of them do not exist anymore .

  2. Your list is soo out dated a lot of them do not exist anymore .

  3. Your list is soo out dated a lot of them do not exist anymore .