Sunday, 2 February 2014

Carry Of The Week #1- The Basic Ruck

by Aline Kelly

Welcome to Carry of the Week! 

One year ago, Aline Kelly and Tami Grosset debuted this OBG feature and it became a great success. Each week featured a new carry or theme, and as a group we could learn, troubleshoot, and share successes and stumbling blocks together. Sometimes new favourite carries were found, sometimes members just had fun becoming aware of different options that were available to them. 

Over the course of 50 weeks, many carries and skills were learned, many babies were snuggled, much fun was had, perhaps some sanity was saved, and maybe even some babies and mamas were happier for it. 

This week we are restarting the series from the beginning. The old posts will be re-edited, links will be updated, and the fun will begin anew. We encourage members to add links, tips, and helpful suggestions in the comments section. 

Carry of the Week #1 - Rucksack carry with a woven wrap

The Rucksack carry, or Ruck, is a simple one-pass back carry that can be used to wrap babies of any age, from newborn to toddler and beyond. It is best achieved with a mid-length woven wrap and is a good way for beginners to get started with back carries. It is appreciated for its simplicity and lightness in warm weather.

As with all wrap carries, importance is placed on baby's legs being in a good M position (knees above bum) and fabric supporting under the legs from knee to knee.

Younger babies should have fabric supporting them up to their necks, whereas older babies should be supported at least up to their armpits.

Beginners are advised to practice over a bed or with a spotter. Mirrors are also helpful for proper positioning.

Getting baby on your back:
Photos (WrapYourBaby)

Making a seat:

Photo instructions:

Video instructions:

Newborn rucksack with different finishing options (BabywearingFaith)

Please feel free to share questions, photos (successful and non-successful attempts), tips, and experiences with this carry!

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