Sunday, 9 February 2014

COTW #2- Back Wearing In All Types Of Carriers

By Aline Kelly

This week will focus on back carries in all kinds of carriers - buckle carriers, mei tais, rings slings, and woven wraps.

Back carries are popular for the hands-free freedom that it provides. Its easier on your body to carry a heavier child on your back, and older bubs love the vantage point to look around to see the world.

It is important to note that stretchy wraps are not safe to use for back carries, even if the wrap's instructions say it's fine. Stretchy wraps simply have too much give and a feisty baby can easily wriggle free. This video illustrates this well.

Remember to practice new back carries with a spotter or over a soft surface such as a bed. Mirrors are also helpful to ensure baby is positioned safely and securely.

It is generally recommended that younger babies have decent head and trunk control before wearing them on your back. However in a woven wrap or mei tai, with care and preparation, they can be worn on your back from birth.

Various universal ways of getting back on your back regardless of carrier - the most common methods are hip scoot, santa toss, and superman toss.
Photo instructions from Wrap Your Baby.
Video instuctions from Wrapababy:

Helpful resources for specific carriers:

Soft-structured carrier:
Video demo of Ergo, Beco Butterfly, and Boba back carries:

Ring Sling:
Photo instructions from Wearababy

Mei Tai:
Photo instructions from Wrap Your Baby.
Video demo by Becoming Mamas, with newborn and toddler:

Woven wrap:
More back carries in wovens will be covered in future COTWs!

Again, we encourage the posting of as many quality additional links as possible, as well as pics and videos by group members!

Questions are strongly encouraged, and honest feedback and tips for improvement are appreciated! COTW is about learning and improving with the support and collective wisdom of the community.

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