Sunday, 23 February 2014

COTW #4- Nursing In A Carrier

By Aline Kelly

Mastering the skill of hands-free nursing in a carrier can make a world of difference in terms of mama freedom and flexibility. Babies and toddlers of all ages can be nursed, and every kind of carrier can be used. The general idea, regardless of carrier type, is to get baby down to the level of your breast and be well-supported while they nurse.

Some notes:
- Be conscientious of baby's airway. Since baby will be lower down in the carrier and have breast tissue around their noses, there are more chances of their airway becoming compromised compared to in a regular carry. Keep an eye on them and don't get too distracted with other things. 
- Use nursing covers if you like, but be mindful with them. Many people use blankets, the tail of their ring sling, or the sleeping hood on their buckle carrier for added discretion. If doing this, be aware of baby's breathing and ensure that fresh air is circulating.
- Again regarding the airway, upright positions are more ideal for nursing in a carrier than cradle positions.

These videos are examples to give you a jumping off point. Nursing in a carrier is something that is very unique to each mother, baby, and their individual anatomy. It's really something that is different for everyone and will require different adjustments accordingly.  

*Note, in some cases these videos are automatically fast-forwarded to the part of the video where the nursing is shown. If you want to see how the rest of the carry happened, rewind the video to the beginning*

Nursing in an Soft-Structured Carrier

Nursing in a Ring Sling:

Nursing in a woven wrap:

Nursing in a Mei Tai: Video link

Please share photos, videos, tips, links, and wisdom!

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