Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thursday Thought: Pimping

By Tami Grosset

I recently was challenged to rethink my use of a word that we use regularly when talking about an item that has been customized. The definition of the word 'pimp' used to be soley related to the procurement of a prostitute but has evolved to refer to making something better or bigger or sparklier. Basically making something more glamorous.

But.... is there anything glamorous about a word whose roots come from the objectification of and dominance over women and the sex industry? This blog piece is very succinct about the use of the terminology and it's impact.

In our world of babywearing though.... What term would you prefer to use to describe your unique baby carrier?

A pimped carrier?
Or a customized carrier?

When I first came across this question my knee jerk reaction was that the term had entered into our common vernacular and so I didn't feel like we needed to be so reactionary about its use. But since considering this issue in more depth my perception has shifted. The sex industry is not glamorous and even in this almost simple use, I personally feel that it has no place in the babywearing industry. I will make an effort to change the way I use this word.

Will you?


  1. Language doesn't just effect reality, it is reality. The language of 'Babywearing' is dehumanizing. Writing the above should give you cognitive dissonance. Fortunately I won't be around when that conflict bubbles up to find resolution.

  2. No cognitive dissonance here. Take care Gary!