Sunday, 4 August 2013

COTW #27- Coolest Hip Cross Carry

by Aline Kelly

Coolest Hip Cross Carry (CHCC) is a poppable hip carry that is tied with a mid-length woven wrap. 

General instructions:
- This is the pre-tied version. These directions will assume that the carry goes over your right shoulder, with baby to be situated on your left hip. 
- Drape your wrap over your right shoulder. Your front tail should hang to around your waist. 
- Bring the long end of the wrap diagonally across your back to your left hip.
- Drape the wrap horizontally around your front, right hip, and back until it's back at your left hip in a full 360. 
- Bring the long tail diagonally across the front of your torso to your right shoulder and tie with your other tail. You can tie a square knot or slip knot. 
- You will now have an X on your left hip. Situate baby into the inner pass, then the outer pass, spreading the fabric knee-to-knee as you go. 
- Tighten at the shoulder as necessary. 

Video Instructions: (BabywearingFaith) - pre-tied (SquishyMommy) - tied while holding baby

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