Sunday, 11 August 2013

COTW #28 - Shepherd Carry

by Aline Kelly

Shepherd Carry is a ruckless back carry tied with a woven wrap, usually using sizes 2, 3, or 4. It is similar to the Double Hammock Rebozo but with some variations. 

General instructions:
- Situate your baby 1-2 feet from the end of the wrap. Make it so that when he/she is on your back, the wrap will drape over your shoulder and hang to around your waist. 
- Get baby on your back and create a good seat.
- The short tail comes over your shoulder, and the long tail goes under the opposite arm.
- Bring the long tail across your chest, making sure to pass it OVER the short tail (as opposed to a double hammock, where the chest pass goes underneath). The chest pass can either be spread across your chest or remain bunched. 
- Bring the working tail under your arm, spread it up across baby's back and bum, and up over the opposite shoulder. Work any remaining slack out of the fabric. 
- Your original hanging tail comes up to meet this tail at the center of your chest. Tie a double knot. 

Video instructions:

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