Monday, 12 August 2013

My Stash Monday: Helen's Stash

Before my son was born, I was an Ergo girl. My best friend had one. I had tried it out and liked it. So I bought one and crossed 'carrier' off my list. But then my son was born one very hot August evening, and I quickly realized that the Ergo (with insert, of course) just would not do. (I wore him once on day three or four post birth, in the Ergo, with the insert, and then almost passed out due to overheating. Man that was a hot combo!!). So I cycled through till I found the Moby, which I loved, and never looked back.

Oh, until my son grew to be too big for the Moby.

But then he was perfect for the Ergo, sans insert. Fantastique!! The Ergo was lovely for many months. We traveled across Canada and over to Europe, sans stroller, with just the Ergo. My friend taught me to nurse in it. Oh what a lovely friend to share such wonderful knowledge. Oh the things I could do and places I could go! And then came the back carry. Yup, I loved that little carrier.

And then my son grew again. And our baby wearing days were just gaining momentum! Oh woe! Oh dilemma!
Then I found the Toddler Tula. Ahhh! I didn't get one of the super pretty ones... Just a plain ole canvas one. But it has a fancy pattern on it, and it makes me happy to wear it. Oh and the comfort!! Like a pillow on my back. Loved the support for me, the fit for my son and whole design. We continue to travel and adventure, baby wearing all the way. And the neat thing? My husband, who was never big into baby wearing (he found it too hot and uncomfortable), also loves wearing our son in the Tula, and has even developed his own unique way of getting our son into the back carry. While the Moby and Ergo will always be special, my Toddler Tula has been around the longest (DS just turned 2 yesterday, and still loves his 'Hula-Tula Time'!) with no end in sight yet.

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