Sunday, 18 August 2013

COTW #29 - Salt Water Double Hammock

by Aline Kelly

This is a brand new Double Hammock variation that was invented by a mama who was inspired by a pair of salt water sandals. It not only looks beautiful but it can take pressure off the shoulders, since this variation turns the carry into a ruckless one. 

Where it all began - the original post by GoingUppy on Instagram:

General instructions:
- These instructions assume that you know how to tie a regular Double Hammock. [ ]
- When you complete your cheerleader pull, bring both tails over your shoulders. 
- Bring your tails to the center of your chest and cross them over each other once.
- Tuck the top tail underneath your chest pass. The other tail goes over the chest pass. 
- Cross your tails once more at the bottom of the chest pass. 
- Tie under bum or do regular leg passes and tie in front. 

Photo instructions (login required):
Video instructions:

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