Monday, 19 August 2013

My (Minimalist) Stash Monday:

For this weeks My Stash Monday we wanted to showcase some of our babywearing families who enjoy just one carrier.
 by Jessica Pettes

We just started babywearing when our daughter was 6 months old and it took us a while to decide on a carrier. We knew we wanted an SSC as we were way too intimidated by the wraps to start. It was a toss up between the Ergo and the Manduca. An old friend Erin Feiner added me to the OBG and we decided the Manduca was a better fit for our family. We picked it up from Belly Laughs in Kanata. We absolutely love our Manduca. We use it daily for getting in and out of the car, shopping, siteseeing, vacuuming, walking the dogs and pretty much any time I need both my hands.

by Angela Rowland

I chose the Beco Gemini. I went to Belly Laughs to talk to people with experience. The woman I worked with was amazing and explained to me that everyone's body is different and these structured carriers are designed for different body types. The reason I liked this one the most was because the weight was distributed so nicely on my body. The option is available to cross the back on this carrier which really helped me considering I have had some pretty bad back problems in the past (slipped disk). It just seems to distribute the weight better than the other carriers I tried. Also, she made sure I was wearing the waist strap at or above the hip so that some of the baby weight was distributed on my hips.

This carrier fits all of my needs because I can wear it on the front, on the back, or front facing forward. The hip carry is also available but I feel like that isn't very ergonomic.... The facing forward option is done by snapping the bum part into a smaller setting. I just love this carrier. You can also snap the head part up if he/she falls asleep so that his/her head doesn't flop around.

I use it whenever I am out, and my son becomes fussy. I almost want him to fuss so I have an excuse to snuggle him. I just love this carrier. I also use it in places where a stroller will be a pain. Also it's really important to our family that my husband wear our baby as often as possible to establish a bond. I think it's working because my 7 month son cries for daddy sometimes now, lifting his arms towards daddy.

This is why I love my carrier.


To be honest, the majority of babywearers will only have one or maybe two carriers. Those of us who have a larger stash could be referred to as hobbyists; it sure is a fun hobby to have! The hobbyists amongst us are possibly more vocal, because we're rather passionate about our past time and ew have more carriers to talk about! But we would love to hear from other 'single carrier babywearers'. 

Please tell us about your single carrier of choice! What carrier do you use? Where did you get it from? What do you like about it? In what circumstances do you wear? How does your carrier meet your (and your baby's) needs? (Please answer in comments below! TIA)


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  2. I have a minimalist stash also, in fact, it is so minimalist, that when I am not using my carrier, I am finding a home for it with someone who want's to try it out, or to someone who needs a carrier. When I had a newborn, I used a borrowed ellaroo wrap, I used this for 5 weeks until my sister sent me her beco butterfly 2 in the mail. I used the BB2 for over a year, and eventually it got a bit tight on me. I moved into an ergo, and the BB2 went to my lovely child care provider, so that she could wear my dd or her dd while out and about. I found that the ergo sat a bit wide on my shoulders, so I gifted it to a friend who was having her first baby. This is what brought me to the Boba 3G. This is the perfect carrier for my dh and myself. It is streamlined slightly in the shoulders, and the carrier has a tall body, perfect for my toddler. My husband also loves the boba 3G. It fits us both well, we don't experience the digginess (sp?)under the arms that some people experience with the Boba 3G and it is probably because we are a both narrow in the torso and upper arm area's. We mostly use the carrier when we are out on day trips, or when we go up to Mont Tremblant or up to Camp Fortune.

  3. This post is for me!
    When I started out babywearing with my first, I asked for a cuddly wrap for my shower. It was really comfy when I got it right, but not when I didn't. I also used a hotsling (fail) and then when he was 18 months old, I bought an Ergo to use as a back carry. Eureka! I wore him all over the place, such that when #2 was born, we bought another one so we could wear them both at the same time. Sadly, we never caught this on film! I still use the ergo with # 3, who is over 2, on a regular basis. I do wish that I could spring for an SSC that is narrower, because I have realized that the Ergo has always been too wide at the shoulder for me, but 7 years ago, there wasn't the variety available in Ottawa and now, well, we're almost done babywearing so why buy a new one. I did use a borrowed Beco Butterfly for a while when my 3rd was little - it was super comfy and narrower; I should've kept it for longer but I gave it back when the Ergo fit us better, as the baby grew.
    I love the SSC because it's easy to get on and off, no fuss, no muss, can do it anywhere, adjusts for both of us parents and it's not too hippy-looking for my husband!
    Jill Swedersky