Sunday, 1 December 2013

COTW #44 - Double Hammock Rebozo

by Aline Kelly

Double Hammock Rebozo is a shortened, one-shoulder version of the classic Double Hammock carry, and is usually tied with a size 2 or 3 woven wrap. It is appreciated as a good supportive carry for toddlers, although some babywearers note that baby will often sit a bit lower on the back than with most typical back carries. 

General instructions:
- The carry starts off-center. Drape the wrap over your shoulder so it hangs to around your waist. Where the wrap crosses your spine is where you will center your baby. 
- Get baby on your back using your preferred method and create a deep seat from knee to knee. The short tail stays over your shoulder, the long tail comes under your opposite arm. 
- Securing the vertical tail, spread the other tail wide across your chest, under your arm, spread it across baby's back and bum, and bring it back under the original arm. You will have created a chest pass in the front and a horizontal pass in the back. Note that all these passes go OVER baby's legs.  
- Take a minute or two here to work all the extra slack out of your passes. Tighten strand by strand, pull your tails, and generally make sure there aren't any loose bits. It can help to pull the tails up and out in a cheerleader pull to make sure they spread nicely over baby's back. 
- Bring your tails together in front of your chest and tie a square knot or a slipknot where it's comfortable.
- Spread the wrap over your chest and shoulder as preferred. 

Video instructions: (Jennifer MacNeil, with very special guest star F)

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