Tuesday, 24 December 2013

COTW #47 - Norwegian Wiggleproof Back Carry

by Aline Kelly

Norwegian Wiggleproof Back Carry is a doppelganger for the Double Hammock. It has a spread chest pass and looks nearly identical, but has different back passes and can be tied with a shorter wrap. This carry is also very similar to Jordan's Back Carry but may be more supportive due to the addition of the chest support. You will need a mid-length woven wrap. 

General instructions:
- With your wrap centered, get baby onto your back and create a nice seat. One pass comes over your shoulder, the other comes under your opposite arm. 
- Take the tail coming over your shoulder, tuck it back under baby's knee, spread it across his bum and back, and bring it up over your opposite shoulder, creating a cross pass. Secure this tail. 
- With the tail coming under your arm, spread it across your chest, bring it around back and OVER baby's first knee, across his bum, and over the second knee to create a horizontal pass. 
- Tie at shoulder, tie a candy cane chest belt, or do a knotless finish (see video below for demos). 

- You can tuck the final pass under baby's second knee if you'd like a bit more symmetry in the knees. 
- Passes can be tied in reverse order if preferred (ie start with the chest pass). 

Video instructions:

Finishing options: 

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