Sunday, 29 December 2013

COTW #48 - Giselle's Back Carry

by Aline Kelly
Giselle's Back Carry is an invention of babywearer Giselle Baturay of Granola Babies, and combines concepts of different carries that she liked into one comprehensive carry. The end result has reinforced passes over baby's bum, a pass under each knee (making it good for wigglers and kickers), and ruck straps in the front. You will need a mid-length woven wrap.

General instructions:
- Get baby onto your back and create a seat. One tail comes over your shoulder, the other comes under the opposite arm. 
- Taking the tail coming over your shoulder, bring it around back, over the first knee, spread it over baby's back and bum, and tuck it under the second leg. 
- Using the other tail, flip it up over your same shoulder, spread it across baby's back and bum, and tuck it under the opposite leg. 
- Tie in front or tie an alternate finish of your liking. 

Video instructions:

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