Sunday, 15 December 2013

COTW #46 - Front Double Hammock

by Aline Kelly

Front Double Hammock (FDH) is a carry that is almost identical to the Front Cross Carry, the only variation between them being how baby is positioned into the pre-tied passes. Some find Front Double Hammock to be the more supportive of the two because of extra layers over baby and greater ability to spread the fabric. You can tie this carry with a size 4 or 5 woven wrap.

General Instructions:
- Center the middle marker of your wrap on the middle of your lower back.
- Bring each tail around to the front and up over the opposite shoulder, creating an X in the front of your body.
- Cross the tails in the back, creating an X in the back, and tie a loose knot at your belt buckle area in front.
- Situate baby into the inner layer of your X on the front. As opposed to the FCC where you would situate one leg into each pass, with the FDH both of baby's legs go into the inner pass. The result is baby's bum is supported by two rebozo passes. If it helps, keep baby's legs together when getting him into position.
- Once baby is situated, move his legs into the spread position with knees above bum, and create a nice seat from knee to knee. Spread the passes over baby's back.
- Take time to tighten all your passes, remove excess slack, and tighten your knot. Spread your back passes for extra comfort.
- Tie under bum or do leg passes and tie behind your back.

Video Instructions: (MyFluffBaby) (aporteedebisousvideo)- silent demo

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