Sunday, 8 December 2013

COTW #45 - Taiwanese Carry

by Aline Kelly

Taiwanese Carry is a carry with many twists, turns, and passes. There's no confusing it with any other carry - it is one of a kind and easily identifiable. Although unique, it is not often seen (usually just in a "Let's learn Taiwanese Carry" context), and opinions are generally split as to the attractiveness of the pattern it creates on the wearer's front. It uses a long woven wrap, usually a size 6 or 7. 

The supposed "real" Taiwanese Carry consists of three twists on the wearer's front. However, the popular internet version is a simplified one with two twists. Although we'll link to a tutorial for the long version, this COTW will focus on the shorter, two-twist version. 

General instructions:
- This carry begins off-centre. Drap your wrap over your shoulder until it hangs to approximately your hip or upper leg. Where the wrap crosses your back is where you will center baby. 
- Get baby on your back and create a good seat. The short end of the wrap comes over your shoulder, the long end comes under the opposite arm. Pin the vertical tail between your knees to maintain tension. 
- For reference, the short tail stays exactly where it is for the entire duration - the long end does 100% of the wrapping. 
- Create a twist in front - Bring the long tail under the short one, then back over it so it goes back the way it came. 
- Flip this tail over your shoulder, spread it across baby's back and bum, and tuck it OVER the opposite knee (rebozo pass). 
- Create another twist in the front.
- Bring the tail across baby's back and bum, staying over both knees (horizontal pass), and tie in front. 
- Spread wrap over your chest and shoulders as is comfortable.

- You can opt to tuck passes under baby's knees instead of over to create a more wiggleproof carry. 
- If you're cutting it close on length, you can bunch the last pass instead of spreading it to save a few inches. 

Photo instructions:

Video instructions:

Shorty version: (Briannaborntobeworn) - Size 3 wrap.

One-shouldered version:

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