Sunday, 2 March 2014

COTW #5- Hip Carries

by Aline Kelly

Hip carries are a good middle ground between front and back carries. They allow parents to have freer hands and for baby to see the world at their own readiness level.  While ring slings are probably best-known for their classic hip carry, every category of carrier can be adjusted for a hip option. 

It is generally recommended that babies have good head, neck, and trunk control before wearing them in a hip carry. 

For soft-structured carriers and Mei Tais, the method is similar - front strap over the shoulder, back strap under the arm, and fasten. While many SSCs offer a hip carry option, many do not. These are general instructions, but checking your own carrier's instruction manual will be helpful! 
Buckle Carrier:

Mei Tai: (Freehand)

Stretchy wrap: (Moby Wrap)

Ring Sling:

Woven wraps:
Poppins hip carry
Robin's hip carry

Rebozo hip carry (This is a front rebozo demo but the same thing can be applied for a hip rebozo)

Slipknot demo

Please add more ideas, links, photos, questions, troubleshooting, and wisdom!

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