Sunday, 30 March 2014

COTW #9- Newborn Babywearing

By Aline Kelly
Photo by Jenna Sparks Bradbury

In the spirit of spring, renewal, birth, and new life, we are celebrating newborn babywearing!

This COTW will provide an overview of newborn wearing options in all types of carriers. Newborns are used to the warmth, closeness, and comfort of the womb, and are now learning about a very different outside world. Mothers are also in transition, recovering from birth, learning how to be a mother, or being a mother to both their newborn and older children. The term "fourth trimester" is often used to describe this transitional first three months of a baby's life. Babywearing can help you both during this transition, and keeping baby close can also facilitate lactation, bonding, and help keep baby calm and feeling safe.
Newborn Safety Notes:
- TICKS guidelines
- Ensure baby is supported up to their neck, and their airway is clear - chin not tucked.
- Baby should be upright and facing inward. Cradle carry is not recommended.
- Make sure baby's legs are supported knee-to-knee, and/or in a froggy "m" leg position (knees above bum).
- Baby should be up high on your chest,  well-supported and close enough that you can kiss the top of their head. 
- Baby's face should be open to air and not obscured with fabric. Mama shouldn't have to move fabric to see baby's face. 

A couple of good videos on newborn babywearing safety/precautions: 

 Stretchy Wrap:
How to pre-tie a stretchy wrap: 

Newborn carry in a stretchy wrap: 
Nursing in a stretchy: 

For the sake of ogling - hot guy shows you how to tie a stretchy (just ignore the cradle carry!):

Woven Wrap:
Extensive information, photos, videos, and ideas:
Front Wrap Cross Carry:


Newborn rucksack:

(BabywearingFaith) - shoulder tie variations included

Rebozo Carry:

Kangaroo Carry:

Front Rebozo Cross:
(Johanna P.)

Burp Carry:
(PaxBaby) - same carry with a ring sling

Ring sling:

Mei Tai:

Buckle Carriers:
(PaxBaby) - Beco Gemini

(PaxBaby) - Breastfeeding a newborn in a Beco Gemini

(babyslingcarriers) - Manduca newborn carry

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