Monday, 10 March 2014

My Stash Monday: Rose And Rory's Stash

by Rory, with a little help from mummy

When I was tiny my parents carried me everywhere in our Ergo so when Mummy and Daddy started planning for Rose to join our family the Ergo doll carrier seemed like an obvious choice.
Both Rose and I have enjoyed using the Ergo, in stylish Galaxy Grey to carry many of our favourite toys, including Teddy, Didi, Dolly, Tedina and many others.

Daddy once had a pair of jeans that had a broken zipper and the bottom edge where it caught the heel was all frayed. He was going to throw them in the bin but mummy had a better idea. She chopped off one leg, cut it along the length of the seam and restitched it to make a pouch sling. Rose loved it to carry Didi. She wouldn't stop still for a picture, she loved being hands free and mobile so much!

Last Christmas Mummy made a mai tei doll carrier for Rose. She loved it straight away. It reminded me of the Babyhawk MT that mummy used when Rose was little.

Photo by Jenna Sparks Bradbury
Daddy went to India a few months ago and brought back some fabric for mummy. Mummy made a wrap out of most of it, to carry Rose, and sometimes me. There were some leftover scraps which mummy made into a ring sling for Rose. This has become Rose's favourite carrier and she is often seen out and about with Didi in her silk sling.
Photo by Kim Brooks

Of course, sometimes when your baby needs to be carried a carrier cannot be found. One day when Rose was in such a predicament she found using one of her old receiving blankets for a torso carry worked well.

We've both loved wearing our lovies and we think it will be great to wear a real baby one day.

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  1. Ake! this is so adorable. My kiddos have their own stash too. I think they love wearing as much as being worn <3