Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Happy Birthday OBG!!

Two years ago the Ottawa Babywearing Group was created on Facebook; a space for local parents to talk about babywearing, share experiences and offer support. By this time last year we had 450 members and now there are over 1000! In this short time we have developed a busy and varied sling library and started the Babies of Peace Project. So far the BoPP (running since the beginning of 2014) has provided two families with carriers to suit their needs and many families have enjoyed the sling library. The Facebook group continues to be a vibrant and busy space where members can share their love of babywearing. It is a space where parents, no matter what kind of babywearing they are enjoying, can come to share a common love; that of wearing their baby!!

There are so many people to thank for everything OBG has achieved so far; I don't want to offend anyone by forgetting someone, and I certainly don't want this post to read like a really bad Oscar winner speech!!!

Suffice it to say; 'You know who you are..... thank you!!'

Happy birthday OBGers!! Enjoy your cake.... today you get to eat it too!!

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