Sunday, 23 March 2014

COTW #8- Shorty Carries

By Aline Kelly

A Shorty wrap is traditionally a size 2, or 2.7m wrap, but the term is often casually used to describe a size 1, 2, or 3 wrap (2.2-3.2m). These short wraps are incredibly versatile and can be used for a great variety of front, back, and hip carries.

With shorty carries it is particularly important to be conscientious of safety, since these are often one-pass carries without a lot of reinforcement to fall back on. A reminder of general babywearing rules that will apply here - make sure baby is supported from knee to knee in a deep pocket of fabric, and is supported in the torso area at least up to his/her armpits. Newborns without good head control should be supported up to their necks.

Tips for getting a good seat: 

Some general overviews: 
Carries you can do with a size 2 wrap:
Seven ways to use a size 3
Four shorty back carries:

List of many shorty carries and helpful videos. Most of these will work with a size 2 or 3. Depending on the size of mom and baby, some may require a 4. We're including everything that might be borderline. 
Front carries:
- Rebozo front carry: 
- Short Front Wrap Cross Carry (tied under bum): 
- Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry (one-shoulder FWCC):
- Short cross carry: 
- Kangaroo carry: 
- Kangaroo carry with size 2 and sling rings: 
Front Rebozo Cross:

Back carries:
- Rebozo back carry: 
- Rucksack tied under bum:  
- Rucksack tied at shoulder + chestbelt variations:
- Short back cross carry: 
- Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack (RRRR): (Onbuhito aka Jennifer MacNeil, OBG member)
- Double hammock rebozo: 
- Torso back carry (traditional African carry): 
- Shepherd's Carry:
- Double Hammock, Double Rings:
- Half Jordan's Back Carry: (Babywearing Faith) - No shoulder flip method

Hip carries. (Depending on the size of the mama and baby, most of these will need at least a size 3 wrap). 
- Rebozo hip carry: 
- Hip Cross Carry (photos and video). 
- Robin's Hip Carry: 
- Robin's Hip carry with one sling ring: 
- Poppins Hip carry: 
- No-sew ring sling: 

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