Sunday, 16 March 2014

COTW #7- Double Hammock

By Aline Kelly

A big one this week - Double Hammock!

Double Hammock (DH), aka Chunei carry, is a popular carry that has a bit of a learning curve, but is generally considered to be very supportive and comfortable for babes of all ages. In this COTW we will feature not only the classic carry to learn/review, but also many interesting variations and finishes! A different finish or chest belt can redistribute weight and change the feel of the entire carry.

We encourage members to help each other learn, ask questions, post additional helpful links, and to post pics of successful and unsuccessful attempts.

And now... massive amounts of links! Have fun!
Basic Double Hammock carry:
Wear Your Baby - Video + photos
Babywearing Faith:

Becoming Mamas:

Woven wraps - Baby:

Woven wraps - Toddler:

Rebozo DH (with a size 2 or 3 wrap):
Detailed photo instructions from TBW (login required)

Carry Them:

Candy cane chest belt (also shows slipknot finish)

Sling Ring finish:

Tied at shoulder

Tied at shoulder/knotless:

Triple hammock: 

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