Sunday, 9 June 2013

COTW #19 - Torso Carry

by Aline Kelly

 The torso carry, or traditional African carry, has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures. In a babywearing world of increasingly complicated carries, here is a chance to simplify and get back to basics. 

This carry can be done with a traditional carrying cloth, a short wrap, or any goodies you have around the house that you deem safe, such as a towel, tablecloth, or blanket. 

General description: In this carry, baby is on your back and the tails are tied around your torso, underneath your arms. 
Lift baby onto your back in your preferred manner. Pull your top rails tight under both of your arms. Secure the top rails of the wrap around your upper chest one side at a time, like you would a towel, and then fold the entire top over on itself for security. Then secure the bottom rails, making sure the wrap is under baby's bum and knees and creates a nice seat, and repeat the tucking procedure with the bottom rails. - basic carry - Older lady demos with a towel - Her wrap matches her dress exactly. 

This carry can also be accomplished with a ring sling:

Additional options:
- You can also knot the wrap around your chest if you dislike the traditional towel method - this is a very popular option when using a woven wrap. 
- With a longer wrap you can reinforce the carry by wrapping it around baby's bum extra times and tying under bum or back in front. 

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