Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thursday Thought: Babywearing And Work

by Tami Grosset

Motherhood is work.... but many mums work outside of the home as well. How can we combine the two? Wearing a baby certainly helps!!

Italian politician Licia Ronzulli at work in the European Parliament.
Find out more about this inspiring woman here.

(picture found on I searched for the original owner of the pic to ask permission for use here but couldn't find them! If you're the owner please let me know!!)

Tell us what work you do while wearing your baby!

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  1. Not paid work, but I have volunteered while wearing my baby. I worked with children through Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) leading multicultural activities at camps. My toddler would get lots of attention from all the kids when they were free and then popped onto my back when we were busy with an activity. Lots of fun! Siobhan