Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wordless Wednesday: A Week In The Life Of Tracey

Sunday – Babywearing on the way to Grandma's house. It was raining so we used our big blue DIY woven wrap. She didn't have a drop of rain on her and I was able to tend to my other two children.

Monday – Babywearing in my Sevensling at Walmart. She fell asleep in the car, so didn't want to walk. Hooray for the emergency sling in my purse.

Tuesday – Babywearing with the Ergo in town for a business meeting and errands. So much easier than a stroller.

Wednesday – Ergo again, carrying baby on my back while hanging out the laundry. Lifesaver!

Thursday – Using the Ergo to get the kids off the bus and babywearing in my silk blend wrap to a play date where I learned about turning it into a Mai Tei. Can't wait!

Friday – Babywearing with my blue woven wrap home from the park while my 5 year old took a break in the stroller and then shopping. Love this thing.

Saturday – Babywearing in the Ergo on front. It rained again, but she was dry!

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