Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday Thought: How Babywearing Saved My Sanity!

by Tami Grosset

Recently an OBG member shared this blog with me. After wiping my eyes and blowing my nose and allowing my heaving sobs to subside I pondered on how babywearing had saved my life, or at least my sanity..... and then I asked the group about their experiences.
  •  Babywearing was a HUGE part of the bond building between my son and I when nursing was not working for us.
  • As a Type A person I struggled with the loss of control having a baby brings. Babywearing helped me achieve some of my daily goals which would have been completely impossible with a carrier or wrap in my life. I'm sure this saved me from potential PPD. 

  • My son was treated for his hip dysplasia at 7 months with a hip cast (spica) and after that a brace. He was not comfortable in a stroller. Babywearing allowed us to keep up some much needed normality which had a direct impact on my sanity.
  • When our daughter was born wearing her saved my sanity by allowing my Type A self to keep up with two little persons needs and still allow me time for myself and my husband.
  • Our daughter was a rotten sleeper in her first year or so. Getting her to nap or sleep was as like pulling teeth!! But when I popped her in a back carry and vacuumed the floor she would fall asleep almost straight away. She was, luckily, easily transferable to her bed and my floor had never been cleaner!
  • (Tara) Not necessarily my life but babywearing has saved my arms and back and has saved the lives of my 2 and 4 year old who need EVERYTHING that very second!

  • (Sara) From 6 months of age to just before his first birthday T would only nap in the Gemini, outside, on the move. This meant 1-2 hour walks every day, but it got him a good nap and got me out in the fresh air which improved my mood and helped me lose the nearly 80lbs I gained while pregnant. The one day I thought the weather was too bad to go out showed me how important those walks truly were. Also, one day I was crossing the street with T in the carrier when a driver decided to turn without looking and narrowly missed hitting us as we jumped back on the curb. Had T been in a stroller he would have been hit for sure. It left me pretty shaken up and extremely glad we'd made the decision to use a carrier rather than a stroller.
  •  (Jessica) I can bus without the stress of a stroller. I can also get things done around the house. I can breastfeed in public without finding a place to sit down. Overall I just have a much happier baby!  
  • (Savannah) I was taking a walk with my kids..two older ones (4 and 5 yrs) walking beside me, 2yr old in the stroller, baby (3 months at the time, maybe 4) strapped on with a RS..we were crossing the road and a van (parked on a marked illegal right at the edge of the crosswalk on the far side of the road) started backing up into the crosswalk right as my son was running ahead to the other side..i hollered, my son came back and wasn't hit but the guy backed right into the whole crosswalk, never seeing my son or the rest of us standing in the middlw of the road waiting for him. Baby wearing didn't really save his life but because my arms weren't fill of squirmy baby i could grab my son with one hand, other hand on the stroller, daughter holding her "mommy clip" handle, with my baby on me, it was much more manageable of a scary situation.
  • (Tracey) It has allowed me to give my older children time and affection, while still doing the same (and nursing) my baby. It helped me get my kids to school for two years, through any weather, and dance classes. And now it helps me settle my toddler, and get my house cleaned while she rides around on my back. It's also help me connect with other mommas and educate them, which is huge in my eyes! I can't count the times it's saved me from having full hands when stopping my oldest or middle child from running into the road. And crossing busy streets with a stroller sometimes is just not practical with them.

  • (Mary) Babywearing allows me to be a single mama! If I didn't babywear, I couldn't unload my groceries, clean the floor, leave the house in the winter when I was car-free, take out the garbage - basically everything! Hopefully within the next year or so, babywearing will allow me to be a single mama of two - how else will I be able to chase my toddler in the house and as she's exploring out in the world unless I wear #2?
  • (Lauren) Babywearing saved my mental health the first year of my littlest's life. We struggled to find ways to calm the crying and discomfort of our needy baby, and the only consistent winner was babywearing. Saved my sanity, my relationships with all my family members (most importantly perhaps me and the baby), saved my back. 
So... maybe not as life saving as the amazing blog mentioned above, mostly pretty much run of the mill, unless you're right there in the moment, living the crisis.... then it truly is life saving and sanity saving!

Thank you babywearing, for saving our sanity.... and sometimes a most amazingly precious life! 

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