Sunday, 30 June 2013

COTW #22 - Poppins Double Hammock

by Aline Kelly
This carry is a hybrid - a Double Hammock with an alternate finish inspired by Poppins Hip Carry. It is a very simple alteration that gives this carry a beautiful new look, and is a sophisticated option for dress-up occasions. 

General instructions:
- These directions assume that you already know how to tie a double hammock. (If not, COTW link here)
- When you get to the stage of the L-pull, bring the tail you were just working with under your arm. 
- Create a Poppins-like twist at the center of your chest - cross the two tails so that they hook together, intersect, and go back in the direction they came.
- Bring both tails back under your arms and tie under bum. 

(to see only the alternate finish, skip to around 4:40)

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