Sunday, 23 June 2013

COTW #21 - Front Rebozo Cross

by Aline Kelly

Front Rebozo Cross is a one-shouldered front carry that can be done with a short wrap, generally a size 2, 3, or 4. It is good for quick ups, babies who have fallen asleep in your arms, for nursing, plane rides, or for a front carry when you have a little less wrap length than you thought. Some people describe it as a half-Kangaroo. 

General instructions: 
- Place baby on your front, with the middle marker of your wrap on the middle of their back (this can be adjusted as required - some require more length in the pass that goes over their shoulder). 
- One tail goes over your shoulder, the other tail goes under your arm. 
- Create a deep seat for baby from knee to knee.
- Take the tail that's over your shoulder, bring it across your back to the opposite-side waist, and gather it under baby's bum. Make sure this tail goes underneath the other tail. You can now use this pass as leverage to hold baby while you wrap the other side. 
- Take the tail that's under your arm, bring it behind your back, around your waist, gather it under baby's bum in the front, and tie off.  

- If you have extra fabric you can do full leg passes and tie behind your back. 
- A shoulder flip adds some extra snugness and looks pretty. 
- This carry can easily be converted to a hip carry if you prefer - just start baby on your hip instead. (keepcalmandcarrythem) 

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