Sunday, 14 July 2013

COTW #24 - Front Cross Carry

by Aline Kelly

This is a carry that every wrapper, new and experienced alike, should have in their mental cache. Often when people get woven wraps they skip straight to back carries, but knowing at least one good front carry can really help you in a pinch, especially if your baby is crying, isn't tolerating a back carry, or needs to nurse. 

The Front Cross Carry (FCC) is a poppable front carry (ie you can tie it first, pop in baby afterwards). It can be tied with a variety of wrap sizes, and is easily adjustable up and down for nursing or other requirements. You can tie it in advance of leaving the house and pop baby in when you get to your destination - a big time saver, especially if you have an older child who doesn't want to wait around while you wrap their sibling. 

If you're familiar with the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) note that this one is a bit different - Front Cross Carry doesn't have a horizontal pass. 

General directions:
- Start with the middle marker on the middle of your lower back and bring both tails around to the front.
- Bring each tail diagonally across your front and over the opposite-side shoulder. This creates an X across your torso.
- Cross the tails again in the back to create an X across your back.
- Bring your tails back around to the front and tie loosely around your waist.
- Pick up your baby and situate them into the X on your front. Get them into the inner pass first, then the outer, spreading the passes from knee to knee as you go. 
- Tighten your passes as required and tighten your knot to get baby where you would like them to be. 
- Spread the passes evenly across your back.
- Shoulder flips are optional.

- To nurse, just loosen your knot to allow a bit of slack and the carry will lower itself quite nicely. Undoing and redoing the entire carry isn't necessary with the Front Cross Carry. 

How to tie a Front Cross Carry:

Nursing in a Front Cross Carry:

Wrapping the Front Cross Carry while holding your baby + nursing demo: 

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