Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Ever Versatile Woven Wrap

 by Tami Grosset and Aline Kelly

No one is ever going to argue that the simple woven wrap has proven its ultimate versatility for wearing a child. You can wear almost any sized human in a woven wrap, in almost any position, in a multitude of ways to support almost any wearers body type, shape or height. The simple woven wrap truly has versatility woven into its very fiber.


What else can you do with a woven wrap?

Again the list is almost endless.... again the woven wrap proves its versatility!

Use a WW or two to dress up a child or two!

Tie a child to a chair when a high chair or booster seat is unavailable.

Solve a toddler stair problem with a woven wrap; create a bottom step safety gate.

Tie under and over a small table to create a toy sized hammock.

Tie over and under a large table to create a child sized hammock!

Use a woven as a blanket for comfort or warmth!

Create some sun shade with your wrap!

No swing? No problem!!

A woven wrap makes a pretty tablecloth or runner.

Tie a wrap over a bunk bed ladder to keep 'too young climbers' safe when playing in their older siblings room.

Practice your acrobatics (please don't try this at home!! lol)

A pretty woven makes a beautiful scarf or shawl.

Need some nursing privacy?

Wrap a shortie around a pregnant belly for support.

Tie a slip knot in one end and pop it around your toddler! Don't let go!

Forgot your picnic blanket? Use your wrap!

Shelter your car from the summer heat by hooking your woven onto your sun visors and rear view mirror.

Caught in the rain and in need of a towel?

Photo by Kim Brooks of Breathe In Photography

A make shift guard rail, in braided form, as a roll stop on a sleeping surface.

Check out some other ways to use your wrap; you'll be amazed!

What will you do with your woven today?

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