Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday: A Week In The Life Of Sara

We recently spent two weeks visiting Prince Edward Island with our three boys (1, 5, an 7). We went the entire vacation without using our stroller.

Our ring sling was great whenever we stopped on the drive down for breaks (it's a 13 hour drive). My little one appreciated the time close to me after spending so much time in his car seat.

We visited several beaches that had no ramps or wheelchair access, which meant a lot of stairs! Wrapping meant we were able to get onto the beach easily and I had both hands free to carry beach towels and picnics.

We were staying in a small cottage and so at night my husband would often take our youngest for a long walk on the beach in the Star War SSC while I put his big brothers to bed.

My boys love to go on walks and especially loved walking the beaches. There's no way we could have managed our daily adventures in the sand if we were pushing a stroller.

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