Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Toddler Tula Review

by Tami Grosset

I have always loved my Ergo and really didn't think it necessary for me to have any other SSC but after enjoying my toddler sized WCMT by TMD I thought it would be interesting to try a Toddler Tula out to compare.

TMD toddler sized WCMT with wrap straps, made from a size 7 Girasol Night Rainbow

The first thing I noticed about the Tula was how comfortable the shoulder straps are. I love the wrap straps of my WCMT but they feel a bit diggy when used for a long carry, especially now Rose is such a big girl. Wearing her in the Tula was like wearing air! The shoulders are so nicely cushioned it really does making wearing a toddler effortless!

A comparison of the Ergo (bottom) and the Toddler Tula (top) shoulder straps.

The width of the seat of the Toddler Tula is wonderous! It is impossible to find a good wide seat with other baby-toddler carriers. The TT has a perfect knee to knee spread and the carrier offers lovely padding behind each knee making it super comfortable for the little one as well.

The TT seat is MUCH wider than the Ergo to accommodate the bigger knee to knee spread for a toddler's seat.
The 'behind the knee' padding sits in the perfect spot to create a comfy ride for tots!
 The webbing for the straps are super long, which for me, as a mid sized mama can be a little annoying but I used the elastic loops to tidy them up which helped. I can see that these super long straps could be really beneficial for a larger parent or a family of various sized adults!

The webbing on the shoulder straps, one tidied and the other at full length.

We haven't yet used the sleep hood and its kept tidied away in the waist belt pocket, which is another feature I love; the perfect space to hold my cell, my keys and a doggy poo bag or two! I'm not sure how feasible it would be to attach the sleep hood by myself, whilst in use. I might need to develop double jointed arms for that to happen, but luckily Rose (at 27 months) rarely naps in a carrier anymore.

You can see the waist belt pocket just under Rose's bum.

The sleep hood hooks, found on the shoulder straps also double as a shoulder bag hook, which is a feature I adore! No longer does my bag strap cut into my neck!

I've received lots of compliments about this carrier. Its a lovely looking thing with a stylish fabric. My mouth waters when I look at the Tula website; so many lovely pretties to choose from!
Large pic courtesy of Breath In Photography, bottom right thanks to Johanna Persohn, the rest are all stock pics.

As you can see, I need to update my stash story because we now have a new carrier in the collection! I am no longer an Ergobaby mama, but have totally crossed over to the Toddler Tula-side!

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