Sunday, 21 July 2013

COTW #25 - Strap Carry

by Aline Kelly

In light of the summer we've had, here is the ultimate hot-weather carry. 

Strap Carry literally straps baby to your back via two crossing points - under the armpits and under the knees. Many users of this carry say that although it can look a bit scary, is actually deceptively simple, secure, comfortable, and the kids love it. It is a great summer carry since you lose the extra fabric that is blanketed over baby. You can use whatever length of wrap you would normally use for a basic rucksack. 

Since there is clearly less reinforcing fabric in use here, let's cover a few bases: 
- Be smart and use common sense. Be careful and remember that you are always in charge of your child's safety. 
- This carry is for kids with good head and torso control
- Tie your child up high enough so their shoulders are well-supported, not sagging under the weight of the armpit passes. 
- Remember that not every carry is for everyone. If it's not feeling right, stop. 

General instructions:
- Gather the fabric of your wrap into a rope. Center it across the top of baby's back and under their arms. 
- Get baby onto your back however you like. Tails come over your shoulders. 
- Pass the tails over each of baby's legs, then under the opposite leg (regular leg passes), making sure that they're in a good M position, with knees higher than bum. 
- Tie off in front. 

Photo instructions:

Video instructions: 

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