Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday: A Week In The Life Of Caro

The top photos are of me commuting back and forth to daycare with my 20 month old, and the bottom photos are of me finding ways to keep my grumpy toddler less grumpy during the Canada Day celebrations. I brought 2 carriers and a stroller and all were helpful.
My child is 30 lbs and has been for almost a year (grew fast and then slowed down) and I don't know how I'd get things done as an active sole parent without the freedom of having 2 hands free + a portable child. She naps, eats and nurses in the carrier when we're busy on the go.

Carriers used are Manduca (Summer Wave), Oscha (size 4 Starry Night Raven (linen blend WW), Sakura Bloom double linen ring sling and Erna in Wonderland size 4 WW by KoKaDi.

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