Thursday, 25 July 2013

Thursday Thought: Keep Calm And Wear Them

by Tami Grosset

Recently, on the Facebook page, there has been some dialogue about certain terms.... or more specifically about the term 'crotch dangler'. 'Crotch dangler' is the term used by some to describe narrow seated carriers like the Baby Bjorn or Snugli carriers. The phrase 'crotch dangler' is a 'take your breath away' phrase, especially for those of us who have used or currently use a narrow seated carrier.

The OBG is a place of information and support for all babywearers and we are trying really hard at changing our lexicon. Its important to us that all members arrive at the OBG feeling welcomed and safe and using this term can have the opposite effect.

What we say and how we say it can have a huge effect on people, especially new parents who are trying hard to do everything perfectly for their new precious bundle. A throw away comment can cause pain and heartache when there needn't be any and could easily turn a new member away from the group; potentially away from the information and support they might need and want to keep them babywearing as long as they and their babe needs and wants.

I'm tired and feel like my thoughts are coming out clumsily. I've been looking for someone else's much more elegant words to link for you but alas I cannot find anything so you'll have to make do with this...

'Lets show love and support for all babywearers and help to educate in a caring manner that will reflect a babywearing inclusivity, rather than an exclusivity. Lets keep the 'mommy wars' out of our wonderful caring and gentle group and just...'

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