Sunday, 6 October 2013

COTW #36 - Secure High Back Carry

by Aline Kelly

Secure High Back Carry (SHBC) is a carry of infinite variations. If you do an internet or video search for this carry, you will have a very hard time finding two that will match up completely. This COTW will focus on the classic original carry as posted by sling_dad on forums in 2007, and provide options for variations. 

This carry is usually done with a size 4, 5, or 6 woven wrap. It's a popular carry for new wrappers since you tie a half knot almost right away, giving you a chance to stop, breathe, and think. 

The original name of this carry is the Secured High Back Carry, although Secure High Back Carry has arguably become more popular. 

Comprehensive overview by the carry's inventor, including photo instructions (login required): 

General instructions:
- Get baby onto your back using your preferred method and create a deep seat from knee to knee. One tail comes over your shoulder, the other comes under your opposite arm.
- Tie a half knot at the center of your chest.
- Grab the tail nearest the over-shoulder pass. Keeping it bunched, bring it under that shoulder, over baby's first knee, under the second knee, and bring it to the front. Secure this tail between your knees. 
- Taking the other tail, bring it over your shoulder, spread it across baby's back and bum, and bring it under your opposite arm, OVER baby's knee.
- Tie a double knot in front.

Popular variations/options:
- Spread the first back pass instead of keeping it bunched.
- Keep the first pass over both of baby's knees instead of tucking under the second knee. 
- Tuck the second pass under baby's knee instead of doing the classic rebozo pass.
- The passes can be done in reverse order if preferred. 

Video Instructions: (BabywearingFaith) - Original carry (up4k4bu aka sling_dad) - Original SHBC video by the Dad who invented it. This video already has one variation in it. 

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