Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What Size Wrap Do I Need? What Can I Do With My Wrap?

by Nancy Lentini-Brown

One of our most common questions re wrapping is 'what can I do with my Size **?
Here's a quick way to answer!!

Lengths of wraps by size:

2 – 2.7 m
3 – 3.2 m                       
4 – 3.7 m
5 – 4.2 m
6 – 4.6 m
7 – 5.2 m

*these are estimates and each wrap may vary by make and taper length
**all carries for sizes are estimates and larger or smaller wrappers and wrappees may require one size larger or smaller wrap in order to complete the carry. All carries are based on a general size 6 as base size.
***where applicable COTW links are included in the name of the position. YouTube clips are show where possible and where not a video clip can be found by following the link in the ()s.

Size 7 wrap

Back Carries:
Wiggleproof Back Carry


Size 6 wrap                                  

Front carries:
Front wrap cross carry (FWCC )

Front cross carry (FCC)

Back Carries:
Back wrap cross carry (BWCC)

Reinforced Ruck Tied Tibetan (RR-TT)

Double Hammock (DH)

Size 5 wrap

Back carries:
Secure High back carry (SHBC)

Christina's Ruckless

Jordan’s Back carry (JBC)

Wendy's Double Hammock (WDH

Reinforced Ruck Tied in front (RR-TIF)

Size 4 wrap

Back carries:
Ruck tied in front (RTIF)

Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (DRS2S)

Hip Carries:
Coolest Hip Cross Carry (CHCC)


Robbin's (RHC)

Front carries:

Front wrap cross carry tied under bum (FWCCTUB)

Short front cross carry (SCC)


Size 3 wrap

Back carries:
Short back cross carry (SBCC)

Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack (RRRR)

Half Jordan’s Back Carry (Half-JBC)

Hip Carries:
Hip Cross Carry (HCC)

Size 2 Wrap

Back Carries:
Ruck tied under bum (RTUB)

Rebozo -Front and tying a slipknot

-back carry

**Chestbelt Variations for Ruck straps

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